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William Cox

Hi, and welcome to my website. It's really just a point of contact for those who need support or are just interested in trans issues. I really enjoy being a Trans Advocate, giving something back is very important to me.


Here you will find lots of useful information, interesting articles or videos and links to other groups and organisations.


I love charity work and have a keen interest in business too.

Arsenal FC Training
JAN 16
Outword Bound - Results!
LGBT History Month
APR 16




Exciting News - Coming Soon
FEB 16


Jessica, who's 8, and Lily, who's 6, explain what it's like to feel they've been born in the wrong body. In an incredibly rare interview, Victoria Derbyshire speaks to two young transgender children, to get an insight into what their lives are like and what help and support is available for other children in their position.

The Womens & Equality Committee have just released their findings in a report following the parliamentary enquiry. It make an interesting read and I must say they make some excellent recommendations.

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