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What can I help you with?

It's impossible to list all the areas in which I provide support, so here are some examples of the types of problems I have helped people to overcome and deal with more effectively. 








Holding Hands



  • Clarity

    • How do I know if I'm trans?

      • This is one of the most frequently asked questions that I can help you with.

    • I don't know what I want or how I feel and I'm not sure what to do.

      • Exploring gender identity is complex and can cause great anxiety, talking to someone who understands really helps.

    • I can't see a way forward and feel stuck

      • Sometimes we don't know where to start and need a bit of support and guidance


  • Confidence

    • Passing - Do you worry about "passing" or being "clocked"?

      • constantly worrying whether you pass or not and the fear of being clocked can seriously affect your quality of life. I can work through this with you to build confidence and enable you to walk down the street with your head held high.

    • Using gendered toilets & facilities

      • One of the biggest fears as a trans person is taking that first step into a gendered space in your acquired gender. Confidence is a critical part of this process.

    • Leaving the house

      • Leaving the safety of your own home when experimenting with different clothing or gender presentation is a big deal. Even parents or allies of trans people can feel self-conscious and benefit from coaching support.  

  • Support

    • Coming Out

      • How do I tell my spouse or partner and children?

      • What if I'm rejected by my family and friends? 


  • What else can coaching help me with?

    • Living a happy and fulfilled life as a trans person

    • Coping strategies & Personal safety

    • Bullying at school or in the workplace, verbal & physical abuse, anxiety

    • Isolation - finding friends and creating a social life

    • Mental health

    • Coping with long GIC waiting lists

    • Legal rights & protections

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